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An exciting musical revue based on favorite contemporary children’s books. Book titles subject to change. 


Teacher From the Black Lagoon (by Mike Thaler and Jared Lee) Follow Hubie's imagination as he faces his comically horrific fears and discovers that his new teacher is pleasantly human after all. 


Dogzilla (by Dav Pilkey) The dreaded Dogzilla awakens and the residents of Mousopolis must run for their lives. Can they get rid of that big stinky dog before it's too late?


Grumpy Bird (by Jeremy Tankard) Bird wakes up one morning feeling too grumpy to fly. A succession of happy-go-lucky animals help Bird turn his day around. 


I Want My Hat Back (by Jon Klassen) The bear’s hat is gone, and he wants it back. When the deer comes by and asks a simple question, the bear’s memory returns and he renews his search with a vengeance. 


Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse (by Kevin Henkes) Lilly loves everything about school, especially her teacher, Mr. Slinger- until he takes away her musical purse. Lilly's fury leads to revenge and then to remorse and she sets out to make amends.


Love Splat, Splat the Cat (by Rob Scotton) Splat has a special valentine for his classmate Kitten, but she doesn’t seem to like him at all. Will Splat’s heartfelt valentine win Kitten’s paw in the end?


The Grasshopper and the Ant: An Ant community narrowly focused on work and possessions learn from the musical little Grasshopper that feeding the belly and feeding the soul both have value.


(One hour in length, recommended for grades K -4) Curriculum Connections: Communication and Language Arts, Literature-Based, Music

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